Thursday, August 30, 2012

SB...Christian alphabet ATC's, B

we get to make Christian themed ATC's for each letter of the alphabet...i missed out on A but will make one for myself so i have a complete set.  love love love all things spiritual that  reveal the blood & resurrection power of Christ...blest be  ;D

SB...Artistic Quilters grp, gee's bend style candle mat

so inspired by the inventiveness & skill of the quilters of gee's bend...blest be  ;D

SB...ATC elements, add a ruler

ruler, tape measure...same thing right??   blest be  ;D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

blissfulart atc's .... faeries

the atc's above i made for electra.  the first one is robot-wish granter (no wings), the second is cameo and the third is air boss.

electra made these beautiful faeries for whimsical, i love them!    ;D

SB...the paper dragon, same supply paper doll

our host sent each of us supplies & template to create a paper doll with.  she's queen for the day!

SB...walk with Jesus

this is a file style remains of the day booklet reflecting some of the Scripture, prayers & hymns i use in my devotional time for my walk with Jesus.  i left some of the pages blank so my partner could add to it and make it her own.  

SB...Bible Study Romans

we were to do a Bible study of romans and share our gleanings from each chapter.  i made this booklet to record my findings.

Monday, August 6, 2012

SB...artistic quilters--prom couture mini art quilt

when i signed up for this swap i thought "how hard can it be, mini couture."  i've been watching project runway, seems doable right.  well, not so much really.  as i experimented & fumbled thru several possibilities, i soon discovered that i need much much more practice with couture mini.  i ended up using a barbie dress & embellishing it.   aahhhh, more to my liking...  blest be  ;D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SB ... bracelet re-do, atc & index card

truly enjoy all the experimenting challenges & diversity that swapbot swaps offer...blest be  ;D