Thursday, December 26, 2013

my one little word for 2014 ..... practice, practice, practice

practice the SHINE!

prac·tice  (prkts)
v. prac·ticed, prac·tic·ing, prac·tic·es
1. To do or perform habitually or customarily; make a habit of: practices courtesy in social situations.
2. To do or perform (something) repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill: practice a dance step.
3. To give lessons or repeated instructions to; drill: practice the journaling techniques.
4. To work at, especially as a profession: practice law.
5. To carry out in action; observe: practices faithful belief in God.
6. Obsolete To plot (something evil).
1. To do or perform something habitually or repeatedly.
2. To do something repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill.
3. To work at a profession.
4. Archaic To intrigue or plot.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SHINE, (my spiritual journaling) continues ...

I have discovered that certain Scripture, as well as images, are repeating themselves in each Spiritual Journaling adventure I take.  I have also discovered that me & paint....well, we're still bonding!  i'm more of a collage & rubber stamp & & stencil & sew kind of girl.  but you don't know preferences until you give it a try.  take scooter girl rubber stamp from roc, I stamp on plain paper, enlarge the image and then copy that on pattern paper and large, living her own life, scooter girl.  I am so grateful to have taken so many awesome online workshops with awesome artists willing to share their skills & techniques....AND it all translates into Scripture, collage & sewing for me.    blest be   ;)

Friday, May 31, 2013


playing & practicing

the motto on this last page is from Nicole Maki's blog, made by nicole.  love her creativity.

Friday, March 15, 2013

oops, one more ....

AND coming soon pics of my artful experimenting & discovering that's been ongoing the past several months .....  i'll be calling them  SHINE!    ;D

sharing a few ...