Thursday, October 10, 2013

SHINE, (my spiritual journaling) continues ...

I have discovered that certain Scripture, as well as images, are repeating themselves in each Spiritual Journaling adventure I take.  I have also discovered that me & paint....well, we're still bonding!  i'm more of a collage & rubber stamp & & stencil & sew kind of girl.  but you don't know preferences until you give it a try.  take scooter girl rubber stamp from roc, I stamp on plain paper, enlarge the image and then copy that on pattern paper and large, living her own life, scooter girl.  I am so grateful to have taken so many awesome online workshops with awesome artists willing to share their skills & techniques....AND it all translates into Scripture, collage & sewing for me.    blest be   ;)


  1. Your journal pages are gorgeous! Very inspiring!

  2. These pages are absolutely beautiful!!!