Thursday, April 21, 2011

loser :)

i am participating in the loser post @ so far so good with two changes to my patterns...1) no desserts on Wednesday or Sunday and 2) exercise more, which turns out to be 1 hour per day for 4 days a week, i'm better @ the exercise than the not eating, so that breaks down to 1/2 hr step aerobics & 1/2 hr strength training. i haven't weighed myself BUT so far it's all good...i needed this spark to act from rebecca, thank you much... choose diligence, is a virtue! blest be, :)


  1. Yay Donnalee! You are doing better at the exercise than I... this will be my next two week goal.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey to a healthier you.
    Blessings today and wishing you a blessed Easter

  2. Hi! I'm paticpating in the challenge too and have lost a few pounds in this first two weeks...hopefully adding more exercise time
    :-( to my day will help...I mean it's what tehy all sat will work right...just gotta move my body more!! Here for me anytime!
    Tammy :-)