Monday, June 13, 2011

creative rolodex cards

these rolodex cards are such a fabulous way to use up scraps that i just cannot toss. i came across a post from patty van dorin @ tuscan rose on her scrapodex and was totally inspired to give this a try. i went to office depot and found a petite rolodex for $6 and got started glueing & sewing little backgrounds for Scriptures on different subjects at the tips of my fingers since it is alphabetical... i had a little difficulty with the attachment holes @ the bottom of the card but just discovered that a simple hole punch and a simple slit with scissors solves the problem. well, gotta back to using up scraps... blest be :)


  1. What a fun idea, I love the fabrics you use. Must try making a fabric cover for my household book - it would make it all the more fun to use.

  2. Cool! And so glad you are joining the prayer flag project. You have a "no reply blogger" email, but I did find your blog. Let me know when you make a post so I can link back to your flags. Vivika

  3. Love your Rolodex cards! They are addictive to be sure!