Monday, August 15, 2011


just as an fyi...i'm gonna be outta the loop briefly due to extensive dental work that i'm having done this week. blest be :)


  1. oh Donnalee, so sorry to hear that. best wishes for a speedy recovery. Oh! I received your wonderful postcards today, thank you so much!!!
    : ) Lenna

  2. Oh my thoughts are with you, I just went through some dental work myself.

    Just stopping by to let you know that I re'cd on of your cool tags in Karla's tag swap - LOVE IT!

    Take Care

  3. These are awesome! Love each detail!

  4. These are fantastic, love them all!
    You are very creative :]
    Enjoyed my visit here, take care.
    Hope all goes well at the dentist <3
    p.s. I've been working on your ATC, let me know when you are feeling better & are ready to swap.
    Talk soon.