Tuesday, May 8, 2012

swapbot...one sentence journal

this is the little jotter journal i made for a one sentence journal swap @ swapbot.  the awesome tutorial is from andria-drawingnear.blogspot.com  AND  as i was doing the covers, she sent me RAK in the form of an airmail atc which is perfect for this jotter.  andria's blog is brimming full of tutorials, please do check her out, you'll be thrilled you did!!  PLUS the images i used are from valerie brincheck @ the sum of all crafts...what a treasure trove she has.   THANK YOU MUCH andria & val for all that you share to keep us inspired & challenge us.   blest be   :)

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  1. ginawang @ SB rated this book 5<3 and said... This little book of yours blows me away! It's really great! Although your daily account are not complete sentences, they vividly convey the spirit of your days in April. Also, I really appreciate the little sticker-things you included in the flaps. It's an elegant little book, and I am very impressed. Thank you so much!