Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bible journaling on FB

I've joined a group on FB, a Journaling Bible Community.  I first saw a posting from bonita rose k about a journaling Bible that has wide margins so as you study you can also create artful inspiration.  I took a different twist using a well loved, marked up, falling apart Bible from 1957.  some folks cringe when I speak of disassembling a Bible but with this one already falling apart AND being inspired to use a Bible already used by a believer, I went ahead and tore out this page and created a fusion of Scripture, collage & journaling.  this is a base page with blank spaces that I will use in the booklets I make called SHINE and after it's assembled I will go back and do some more journaling, doodling and add this & that as prompted.  for me, it's exceptional, this transformational adventure with Christ!


  1. this is awesome!! i'd love to be a part of this FB group!

    1. thank you much cathy! if you have a FB account you can do a search for the Journaling Bible Community and request to join and get started. there are loads of tips & tricks & awesome art to look at, come on and join us!